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Photon Server SDK v2.0.0 RC2

  • 22 April, 2010 -
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A new Photon Server SDK is up. It’s called version 2 RC2 and aside from many smaller improvements and fixes it got a few noteworthy additions.

We added a Dashboard to Photon, so you can check vital stats right from a browser. The Dashboard is a service which runs separately and fetches messages sent by Photon and compiles those into graph images. The Photon Control has options to install, start and stop the service and opens the page. The Dashboard requires MS PGM (make sure to install MS “Message Queue” support with Broadcasting) to run. We will add guides and manuals to the Developer Network soon and extend the Dashboard over the next releases.

The MMO  Sample got an initial documentation. Check out the PDF in: src-server\MMOSample\doc\.

Included in the SDK: a new Trial license. You’ve got 30 days to check out the “Unlimited License” for Photon. Make sure to get the new license files for Photon v2 after that time.

Download here.

Posted By Tobias

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