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Photon 2.0 Client SDKs RC

My last 2 weeks have been filled with refactoring, cleanup, splitting and documenting. The goal: liberate the Photon DotNet client libraries from Neutron and make them their own master. The result is cleaner and more up to date.

Goodbye “NPeer” and welcome “PhotonPeer”. In fact: also welcome “LitePeer”! It implements our default application’s operations and we will give out it’s source, so you can see how you could do all this yourself.

The single interface method for operation- and status-callbacks is split into two more specific calls: “OperationResult” and “PeerStatusCallback”.

If needed, you can convert your Hashtables to strings now with the SupportClass.HashtableToString method.

Many of the “loose” constant values are now arranged into enums. As easy to use but you can print out a values name and get a better impression of what’s going on. In the interface, we still use the base types int and byte, so you can use your own, extended enums as well.

The documentation is also re-done: the complete project reference is started from scratch. Most of the overview topics are refined. Of course we’re never happy with the current state.

There are many smaller changes as well. Still, it should be no real issue to update your projects. If you’re starting with Photon and DotNet clients just now: use the RC1 SDKs.

Give it a try!

PS: Unity iPhone developers: the sample requires v1.6.

Posted By Tobias

One Response to “Photon 2.0 Client SDKs RC”

  1. Ashkan Saeedi says:

    great job guys!
    good documentation is a big part of a good software! keep on good work!