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Summer Brain Drain

  • 3 July, 2009 -
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hot hot hot

It’s hot. Not something friendly like sunny or warm. It’s hot. Think of white hot charcoal, a furnace, think of burning air and lava streams. This is what it feels like. Good thing we have a new coffee machine. Not. We’d need a chest freezer with crushed ice now. So this is summer. We’re not used to these kind of temperatures in Hamburg. Usually good weather in Hamburg is when the rain falls vertically. Interesting trivia: Hamburg lies to the north of London (as far as latitude is concerned) and has more rainfall, too. But: the city is full of canals and has more bridges than Venice (although there aren’t any places  to sit in the shadow at the canals anywhere). It’s still the nicest city and Game Developer Capital of Germany. It’s just … hot!

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