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Paradise Paintball

Paradise Paintball

Paradise Paintball

In March we mentioned that we had developed an SDK for Unity3D, so that games using the new 3d engine could integrate our multiplayer technology seamlessly.

Shortly after that, when we released our streamlined product “Photon“, game developer  Cmune chose Photon (its Unity SDK) for their “Paradise Paintball” game. Reworking the multiplayer functionality from a prior multiplayer engine, Paradise Paintball is now ready and running on Photon. It’s available as facebook application, with some further informations and great ratings. You can also play it online directly in your brower for free on the Cmune website.

Check out Paradise Paintball on the Cmune website.

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One Response to “Paradise Paintball”

  1. I have seen some rave reviews about this game on the net, and after a little play I am impressed, I like the textures and the backgrounds, the detail is pretty cool for so little processing power.