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Photon vs. SmartFox vs. Electro Server

I was asked at the GDC several times how Photon differentiates from competition (SmartFox was most mentioned, Electro Server second) so here is an quick overview table:


Photon and Competition

Although this is just a very basic overview it already shows the advantages of Photon: (reliable) UDP, C++ server, extensible in C#, support of any data types.

Posted By Robert

3 Responses to “Photon vs. SmartFox vs. Electro Server”

  1. peter royal says:

    ElectroServer supports HTTP as well as all data types. The latter is with its binary protocol which is AS3-only due to the necessary support on the Flash side.

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Peter, thanks for the hint. I will change that asap! Best, Robert

  3. Yeah says:

    Smartfox supports HTTP as well with the BlueBox add-on.