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Change has come to … Exit Games.

  • 23 February, 2009 -
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When Exit Games started it’s business we had a strict focus on mobile platforms and so the first platforms supported by Neutron were J2ME and Brew. But our vision was always to provide a cross-platform product to the gaming industry and therefore Neutron was designed from day one to allow fast and easy portability to any gaming platform.

I am proud to say that we managed to become one of the two key players (the other one was Terraplay; acquired by End2end) in the mobile multiplayer market and the clear leader in terms of serviceability and of supported platforms With a unique footprint of Neutron powered games available in over 50 countries at over 100 carriers or portals world-wide we clearly stand out from the rest.
Today Neutron powers games of most of the top mobile publishers such as Konami, Taito, Disney, Vivendi, glu and THQ Wireless and top titles like Dance Dance Revolution, Puzzle Bobble, Trivial Pursuit or Atari’s V-Rally 3D.

However, over the course of time we were approached by many clients if Neutron works on “non-mobile” platforms as well, so we started to add platform Flash, PC/Mac and J2SE. Although our sales team was focussing on mobile we signed the World Golf Tour (Flash) and Freaky Creatures (PC). This was remarkable as we could outperform competitors with a much better footprint on these platforms.

This was the start of a shift of our company’s strategy and one reason why especially the mobile companies might have not heard too much about us in the second half of 2008. Due to our success in the “non mobile” arena, we decided to scale down our sales and marketing activities within the mobile space, but to scale them up within the “non-mobile” sector. However, this is a much larger market compared to the mobile gaming industry with lots of segments (Casual, PC, Console, Handhelds like DS, PSP, etc.) therefore a couple of changes needed to be implemented within the company.

From now on I will regularly post here about what’s going on at Exit Games and let you know about the changes.

All the best for your 2009!


Posted By Robert

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