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Games Convention 2008

  • 24 August, 2008 -
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What a Fantastic Show: Casual MMOGs, Cross-Platform and iPhone-Mania.

At the last year’s show most of the people I met with did not know what I was talking about when mentioning “Casual MMOGs”. This year I heard all the time: “We are doing Casual MMOGs!”. And I heard: “We want to develop cross-platform games.” And: “iPhone. We will do iPhone games.”

So, not only CMMOGs were one of this year’s GC most often used buzz-words, but also cross-platform and iPhone games. That’s why one of Neutrons core USPs (cross-platform which includes the iPhone) made the point in our meetings.
Together with the fact that Neutron is powering the World Golf Tour (TM) the probably best, but in any case most impressive Casual MMOG on the market so far, we had many successful meetings and many follow-ups now 😉

Looks like a great time is ahead!

Posted By Robert

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