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18 November
Posted in Photon PUN

Released PUN v1.79

PUN v1.79 is in the store with updated demos, two more Photon Cloud regions and lots of improvements …

27 October
Posted in SDK

Released Photon Native SDKs

Released Photon Native SDKs, added XBox 1 support, added Webflags …

13 October
Posted in SDK

Released Photon Native SDKs v4.1.3.4

Released new Native SDKs v4.1.3.4 for Emscripten, Linux, Windows and WindowsStore and Android NDK, iOS, OS X, tvOS.

7 October
Posted in Photon

Photon Thunder: Matchmaking, Punch-through and Relay Service for New Unity Multiplayer

Photon is well known for its multiplayer features, but Thunder is a little different. Based on the proven and battle-tested Photon Cloud, Thunder is the perfect punch-through, relay and matchmaking service for games developed with the new Unity Multiplayer (HLAPI). Unity Multiplayer, but with Photon? Yes, exactly. While Unity Multiplayer’s […]

7 October
Posted in Photon

Webhooks for Photon Chat – Apply for Early Access

What started slowly has become a true success story for us: Photon Chat. It took a while, but now we have several apps with 10,000 CCUs and beyond. Not too bad. Photon Chat runs on a completely different architecture compared to Photon’s multiplayer products Realtime, PUN and Thunder. So our […]